Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, 1 Device

Bitdefender Android.jpg
SKU: G-49422
Admin Fee: ₹154.00
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Access 2013.jpg
SKU: LS-40879
Admin Fee: ₹1 388.00
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Dynamics 365 for Sales (On-Premises) User CAL

SKU: LS-50105
Admin Fee: ₹15 109.00
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Visual Studio Professional with MSDN

visual studio.png
SKU: LS-41318
Admin Fee: ₹7 015.00
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Windows Pro Full Operating System - Get Genuine

SKU: L-48427
Admin Fee: ₹1 156.00

Exchange Server Standard Edition

SKU: LVS-40628
Admin Fee: ₹7 246.00
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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 1-Year Individual Membership – Access to Discounted Rates

Adobe creative cloud.thumbnail.png
SKU: G-50278
Admin Fee: ₹385.00
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Windows Server Essentials

Windows Server Essentials.png
SKU: LVS-48288
Admin Fee: ₹4 625.00
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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (On-Premises) User CAL

SKU: LS-50096
Admin Fee: ₹15 109.00
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Dynamics 365 for Team Members (On-Premises) User CAL

SKU: LS-50090
Admin Fee: ₹1 233.00
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