HOPE Foundation

Our mission is to provide sustainable, capacity-building health and education programs, through staff and volunteers, which empower children and other vulnerable individuals. HOPE foundation was established as a charitable society in 1991. We have many partners and friends around the country, and we are operating in 13 cities in India, with over 60 programs in a variety of areas of helping the poor. At present we have 25 Centres of HOPE across India, serving the poor in about 13 cities, towns and villages, with over 2,85,000 lives touched in 2009. 
Products your organization would like to receive from BiGTech: 
Operating systems: Windows 7 professional, Windows XP professional
Applications: Office 2010, Office 2007.

Why do you want to buy this product? 
To use in our vocational training centres and administration 

What would be the benefit of buying this product?
To train the underprivileged youth in computers and in various skills like Desk top publishing. 

Would you recommend this product? If so, why?
It is best affordable for non-profit organisations. 
Email: hope_foundation@hopeww.org
Telephone: 91-11-24317359