Naandi Foundation

Naandi Foundation faced several hurdles such as huge cost of Microsoft Software, complexity and expense in adopting Audio Conferencing Solution and collaborating with field staff. Project management of multi-site programmes was complex due to non-availability of conferencing facility & had to do redundant point to point phone calls for regular updates. 

However with Microsoft Software donations via the BigTech Program enabled them to address the above IT challenges by conserving significant IT Budgets [about INR 2,000,000]. 

Eagle Conferencing increased collaboration and enhanced project management for Naandi’s Social Programmes spread across India, from remote villages to corporate headquarters at Hyderebad. 

The process of ordering the software was easy and came with excellent support from BigTech, the few queries were addressed instantly. The turnaround time was also very reasonable. 

The spokesperson from Naandi Foundation stated, “A donation of this kind shows Foundations such as NASSCOM, see IT philanthropy as ‘enablers’ in the social sector. We are glad that Nasscom Foundation is facilitating subsidized and essential IT applications for NGOs across. Thank you for raising the bar and awareness on what ‘donation’ can mean to NGOs.”

They received SharePoint Server 2007, Windows Vista Business Upgrade, Office Professional Plus 2007, SharePoint Server Standard Edition User CAL, Windows Server User CAL, Windows Server 2008, Eagle Conferencing. 

This donation helped improve operational efficiency and collaborative efforts to reach our Goal of ‘Changing Lives’