Population Foundation of India (PFI) is a voluntary organization and was established in 1970 by a dedicated group of industrialists and population activists led by Bharat Ratna, the late Mr. JRD Tata, who guided it as the founder Chairman until his death in l993. The Foundation has been at the forefront of the Non-Governmental efforts towards a rights based, Gender sensitive approach for Human development. The Foundation supports innovative research, experimentation and social action to further the cause of population stabilization and provide a forum for pooling of experiences and sharing of professional expertise to strengthen and enlarge the operational base of the family welfare program.
PFI has been working in 14 States having its Head Quarter at New Delhi with total staff strength of over 100. At present we have a network of over 90 computer systems in our organization.
  • Maintaining database of information, surveys conducted, analyzing the data, mapping our growth and produce documentation.
  • Publishing research reports and maintaining publications in our library
  • Maintaining the records of the financial transactions, developing the Accounts and program MIS, keeping track of expenses and events
  • Developing our promotional tools and keeping update with our website
  • Connecting the systems with internet connection for data sharing
  • Maintaining records of HR unit
  • Maintaining MIS
The software donated by Bigtech Donations Program will be useful to us in the following ways -
  • To Keep updated version of software available and update on IT
  • To ensure accuracy of the work done there by reducing the physical work
  • To store the database of information available, analysis made, reports generated, surveys
  • conducted etc.
  • To record the information for keeping track of our work, develop & design new projects and store the information into the system. Thus overall the systems will help us to generate more funds to support development projects.
  • To disseminate the findings and reports with much wider audience
  • To do evidence based advocacy with policy makers and planners
  • The software’s donated by you will also help us to save funds. The funds we saved will be used in our development programs. Thus helps the communities we serve.