Aanchal is an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a student of Action for Autism.She is 24 years old. She started learning computer from Action For Autism Computer Training Centre from August 2009. Aanchal does not know about computer applications. But as she started learning computer she is showing interest MSoffice 2007. Firstly we started with MS-Word 2007 and then MS-PowerPoint 2007.

Initially Aanchal was very confused because it was first time computer learning but after some time she progressed well in MS-Office. Now she is very happy and she has developed interest in learning MS Office 2007. Anchal likes this software very much. It is very useful   for her because it displays all options with corresponding pictures, which is particularly  helpful for her. Aanchal has developed typing skills, which improved her fine motor, cognitive skills and she is enjoying leisure. Now Anchal can open a file, can type, save the file and closing the same in MS Word.

She also can open a Power point presentation, can type on it and able to add animation in the presentation and finally save it and close the presentation.

Anchal has progressed very well within short period of time. She is now comfortable with computer and she has the potential to learn many more application of programmes in Computer.