Tribal Health Initiative

Tribal Health Initiative is a small organisation working with tribal’s in the remote forest area of Sittilingi Valley of Dharmapuri Dist in Tamil Nadu. We run a Base Hospital of 24 beds with secondary care and a Community Health program for about 10,000 tribals. Few years ago we have started programs in organic farming and craft as part of community development.

Working in a remote area, we find it difficult to get professionals and therefore have been training local tribal boys and girls to do the work. Here, software plays a crucial part in systematising work and seeing that human errors are eliminated. As a small organisation, we could not buy patented software.BiGTech help came as a big advantage.

we now have software for accounting and stock keeping, which have not only reduced our physical work , but also ensured accuracy in our work. Thank you BiGTech!

1.       We had ordered the busy multi user software for our Base Hospital where we enter our stocks for the pharmacy and thestore. Our office is also used by the technology initiative project and they enter their accounts in the same office on another computer. These initiatives are all part of the same organisation but being run by different people.

2.       The tribal farming initiative helps the tribal’s to purchase organic produce from the farmers and helps to sell it to the buyers in the cities. We wanted a single user one for them as this is housed in a separate building and they have a separate office.

3.       We have started a new health project in the Kalrayan hills, which is 50km from here. We run an OP facility there for the tribal’s. We needed a single user ‘busy’ for running the pharmacy and store there.