Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir is a voluntary organization, which has been working with rural tribal communities in 626 villages of Udaipur and Rajsamand District for more than four decades now. There are 286 full time staff and we have 6 rural workstations, one urban work station and a head quarter. We have a network of 120 computer systems in our organization.

The use of computer in our organization is listed below -

    * Maintain a database of information and analyzing the data, mapping our growth and              produce documentation.
    * Producing research reports and maintaining publications in our library
    * Developing the account MIS and keeping atrack of expenses
    * Developing our marketing tools and keeping up with our website.
    * Connecting the systems with an intra and internet connection for data sharing.
    * Maintaining Personnel records.

It is important for any organization to record the work it does. The softwares donated by you are useful to us in two ways -

    * The software’s help us record the information to keep a track of our work, design new projects and store the information. Thus overall the systems help us to generate more funds to support rural development projects.
    * The software’s donated by you also helped save money to us. The money we saved is used in our rural development programs.Thus helps the communities we serve.