Eagle Conferencing

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There is NO requirement for any kind of Special equipments; one can join the conference from either a Land Line or a Mobile connection.

Eagle Conferencing provides instant access to an audio conference call whenever you need it, without making a reservation or involving an Operator. Your dedicated conference room is open 24/7, so you can conference at anytime and however long you desire. Holding a conference is as simple as dialing a permanent number and entering your pin number.

Key features of the Eagle Conferencing donation package include:

  • Free conference bridging to UK
    • Conference participants in India call an Indian number and can be included in a conference with UK participants who call a UK number, significantly reducing the cost of conferencing between the two countries
  • 24 hour a day, 7 days a week availablilty
  • Up to 25 participants per conference
  • Reservationless set-up
    • A conference is initiated by the moderator calling the conference line and entering the moderator pin number.
    • Attendees call the same number and enter a participant pin that can be widely distributed
  • Advanced in call controls:
    • Participant muting
    • Lecture mode enabling the moderator to speak without interruption
    • Volume management of individual participants
  • Web based call controls enabling the moderator to view the call status and manage participants through a web interface.
    • View a list of partipants in the call
    • Mute individual participants
    • Go to lecture mode

You will be provided with a dial in telephone Number which is like any other number and 2 pass codes, one is a moderator pass code and the other is participant pass code.

One has the option of either taking the Mumbai conference Number or Bangalore Conference Number.

Dial out Facility is available at Rs. 2 per participant per minute. Recording is available at Rs. 500 per Conference.

Please note the Eagle Conferencing donation eligibility of only order per organization in each year.