What is Eagle Conferencing donated Conferencing Program?
Eagle Conferencing is offering donated Conferencing Facility for Non Profit and Charitable Organization in association with NASSCOM Foundation’s BiG Tech Program. The purpose of this program is to provide sophisticated and modern business productivity tools to organizations involved social, non- profit and selfless activities for the good of the community in general.

Who would qualify to receive the donation?
Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria for complete information.

What is the Turn-around Time?
Once your eligibility is confirmed, and the order processed the turn-around time will be 24 hours on business day.

What will be the mode of order delivery?
The Order delivery will be by means of Electronic Media, .ie. E-mail
The Details about the procedure to use, the License Number and other details will be emailed to you.

What is the return Policy?
This is a donated service from Eagle conferencing and the participant organization requests this service at will. If they would like not to receive this donated service, they can contact at any time to discontinue this service. One can return the order by emailing bigtech@nasscomfoundation.org with “Return Request” in the subject line, and include the necessary information with reference to the Order like:
The Organisation Name
NASSCOM Foundation Registration Number
Order Confirmation Number
Date of Order

What is the maximum quantity of Eagle Conferencing licenses that my organization may request?
Each eligible organization may request only one Eagle Conferencing license per order. If the order contains a request for more than one license, BiG Tech will cancel the order. The organization will thereafter have to place a new order of only one license request as the current version of the platform doesn’t allow us to modify existing order details.

How often can my organisation request the Eagle Conferencing donation?
Each eligible organisation may place a maximum of one order in a year. If there are more than one donation requests in a year, BiG Tech will process and fulfill only the first order and all subsequent requests will be cancelled