Moving Steps to Poverty Alleviation (MOSPA) is a Microfinance project of Gram Sewa Sansthan (GSS) Our Vision A living in peace and good citizenship with spiritual, nature justice, freedom, equity, and integrity, the society is strengthened, where power, resources, divine Culture, harmony with the nature. Our Mission 1. To endorse and uphold Gram Sewa Sansthan as an organization dedicated to building a society, for the values of truth, justice, freedom, equity, peace and divine Cultural pursuits. Moreover, to increase, manage Natural Resources, and to engage in integrated sustainable livelihoods plurality in harmony with the weaker sections of society Such as Minorities, Women, Dalits, Tribals, Children and handicapped, is the main objectives are Gram Sewa Sansthan. 2. To engage in integrated sustainable development, movements, capacity building and enterprise, which be, will significant and innovative. To achieve our objectives through committed and capable team in partnership with compatible organisations and individuals of national and international. 3. To improve the capability of the human resources in environs of integrity, approach, and direction of the degraded, marginalized poor society. To consolidating, promoting and mainstreaming alternative development experiences in sustainable integrated mountain development Our Approch, Fundamental human needs include understanding, participation, creation, identity and freedom. These are things that cannot be satisfied by giving services or things. To be complete and sustainable, development must involve the beneficiaries and help them to develop skills to understand the real causes of their problems, take initiatives, be creative, and participate in and organise action. Development means reflection and action. Members of the community need to be taught about both.

Microsoft "Upgrade" licenses ?

Hi, I notice most of the licenses offered are 'upgrade' licenses, i.e. you need an existing license of an older Windows OS version before you can upgrade. Are there any full license options offered for a PC without an existing OS? Thanks in advance :)

Difficulty in placing donation requests

What is the most difficult part for you in placing a donation request on the BiGTech website? Some examples would be (say) - Donor eligibility criteria, Access to Internet, Technical know-how, etc. Let us discuss what was difficult for you so that the BiGTech team can address those issues and make the process more user-friendly.

BUSY accounting is good, but which version should I opt for?

posted  Thu, 26/11/2009 - 16:04  

We had couple of our NGOs asking the difference between BUSY single user and multi-user. Ankit Goel is our technical expert from BUSY Infotech. His reply to our NGO is listed below for the BiGTech community. 

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