Box Program Guidelines

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    Donated product will be distributed under this program to qualifying organizations only, not to individuals.

·         One donation may be requested within the lifetime of an organization.

·         Donations may not be used to renew existing Box subscriptions.

·         This donation is available to organizations with operating budgets of any size.

·       ·         This donation will not be made available to the following types of organizations:

o   Schools, colleges, or trade schools

o   Hospitals, organizations involved with health insurance or group health plans, and related organizations

o   Credit unions

o   Government agencies

o   Loan or credit reporting organizations

o   Employee or membership benefit organizations

·         Recipient organizations must be willing and able to provide information to for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.

·         Organizations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this program. Organizations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive donations.

· products may not be transferred or resold.

New to BigTech: Box Online Collaboration Service

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New to BigTech: Box Online Collaboration Service

BigTech is proud to announce our newest donor partner, provides organizations with the Box file-sharing, content management, and collaboration service.

See the Donation Program for details about this offer. 

Is It Right for My Organization?

You can use Box's cloud-based storage and collaboration tools to replace traditional on-premises file servers and traditional file-sharing processes. It also provides tools that facilitate program management, funding development, and global collaboration.

If your organization works with sensitive data, Box also provides the administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to support your organization's compliance with HIPAA.

How Does It Work?

See these examples of what nonprofits can do with Box.

Create a folder structure that categorizes your daily fundraising responsibilities.














Use Box’s collaboration features like commenting and task management to manage the completion of a grant application. 

Manage geographically dispersed staff and beneficiaries by creating folder structures with content specific to regional offices 






















Speed up collaboration by allowing users to review time-sensitive work in the cloud in real time from any device, instead of through traditional file-transfer applications and internal servers.


















Embed your quarterly or annual reports stored in Box on an external website or intranet page.

Foundations can streamline funding development and partnerships by creating a grant submission and approval process with Box


Box integrates with other applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Office and Office 365, and more.

To learn more, read Box's summary of how nonprofits can use its services.

What's Available?

Eligible organizations can receive a donation of Box Starter Edition that includes 10 user licenses and 100 GB of storage space. These licenses are perpetual, meaning they never expire. You can upload and share files up to 2 GB in size with the Starter Edition.

See all the features included with Box Starter Edition on the pricing page.

Nonprofit Success Stories

These organizations are using Box to more effectively carry out their missions.

·         Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: This organization used Box to more effectively raise funds for blood cancer research. Its employees use Box to share digital asset libraries and collaborate with third-party vendors. When raising funds at events in the field, employees use Box on iPads to share videos, PDFs, and presentations with potential donors.

·         Grameen Foundation: This global microfinance nonprofit improved collaboration across four continents with Box. Before using Box, it had problems providing access to shared servers and its intranet to field offices in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It has integrated Box content with its Salesforce implementation.

·         Operation Hope: This financial literacy nonprofit uses Box as its primary content management system for all employees.  Before Box, it had problems with employees accessing content because its internal servers crashed frequently.

·         Teach for America, The International Rescue Committee, and Kiva all use Box for content management and collaboration. Learn more about their stories and watch a video detailing their work on the Box website.  

·         Team Rubicon, Habitat for Humanity Australia, and Beyond12 also use Box to achieve their diverse goals. Learn more about each of these organizations on the Box blog.

Check out how other organizations are using Box to create positive change by reading success stories on the website. 

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Box for Nonprofits

Get the Box cloud content management service for your nonprofit, charity, or public library through Box for Nonprofits at BigTech.

You can use Box to collaborate on content, develop workflows for onboarding staff and volunteers, securely share files, and more.

This offer is made available through, the social impact arm of Box Inc.

Eligibility and Restrictions

If eligible, your organization may receive one product within the lifetime of the organization. Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organization's eligibility to participate in this program.

About Donor Box


 At, an initiative of Box Inc., we believe that those committed to doing    good should have the best tools available to them.’s mission is to enable nonprofits to achieve their mission in a  productive, competitive, and collaborative way.

We provide nonprofits with our simple and powerful content file management  and collaboration solution for their most critical program, development, and  back-office initiatives. donation program website


Box Starter Edition, 10 User Licenses

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