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Microsoft "Upgrade" licenses ?

Hi, I notice most of the licenses offered are 'upgrade' licenses, i.e. you need an existing license of an older Windows OS version before you can upgrade. Are there any full license options offered for a PC without an existing OS? Thanks in advance :)

ordering windows 7

Fri, 30/10/2009 - 21:43 - Anonymous we too have ordered the much acclaimed Windows 7 donations. We have received the licenses and are now downloading the installation file. We will keep updating this blog. Good weekend ahead!

Windows Pro Full Operating System - Get Genuine

SKU: L-48427
Admin Fee: ₹1 156.00

Windows Operating System Upgrade

SKU: LS-47984
Admin Fee: ₹2 081.00
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Donated Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrades for Nonprofits

posted  by Anonymous -  Tue, 14/08/2012 - 18:08  

Microsoft donates more than 200 of its products — including Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise Upgrades — to eligible nonprofits through BiGTech. Organizations that join BiGTech, register an organization, and qualify can request and receive donations of Microsoft products and many more products from other BiGTech donor partners.

Microsoft 7 Upgrade Solutions

Windows Operating Systems Upgrade

See all Microsoft product donations available through BiGTech.

All donated and discounted products are available to qualifying NGOs for a small administrative fee that partially subsidizes BiGTech's operations.

bigtech software support helps us to transfer computer skills to rural youth and women's

posted  by Anonymous -  Mon, 30/01/2012 - 10:05   Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) promoted non profit organization Sakhi Social Enterprise Network, a initiative for (eschool)entrepreneurship and (vschool)employment.these schools are providing multi skills to rural youth and women's. bigtech software support helps us to transfer computer skills to rural youth and women's from latur,osmanabad,solapur,nanded and washim (maharashtra)

Microsoft Offers Get Genuine Windows: Full Operating Systems Versions Now Available

posted  by Anonymous -  Tue, 26/07/2011 - 16:43  

As part of the recent updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program, Microsoft made donations of full versions of its Windows operating systems available through the Microsoft Get Genuine program.

Your organization might have PCs with illegal, free, or basic operating systems — either from accepting donated machines or buying the computers at bargain-basement prices.  Microsoft’s Get Genuine program offers your organization a one-time chance to get your existing computers running fully legitimate and upgradable Windows operating systems, enabling your organization to easily upgrade through TechSoup when a more recent OS version is needed or released.

To be eligible for the Get Genuine donations, the existing computers on which your organization will install the full Windows OS software must currently have one of the following:

·       Counterfeit, pirated, or otherwise illegal, unlicensed, or improperly licensed Windows operating systems

·       Home Premium, Home Basic, or Starter editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista

·       Home or Starter editions of Windows XP

·       Linux, FreeDOS, or other operating systems

·       No operating systems


Special Rules for Get Genuine Product Requests: 


· Eligible organizations may place only one request ever for Get Genuine products.


· Requests for Get Genuine products may not contain any other products.


· During check-out, the Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations must be accepted on behalf of the organization.

Request Get Genuine Products here

Request Carefully — Get Genuine Windows OS Products Are a One-Time Donation

Microsoft-eligible organizations can request donations of full Get Genuine Windows operating systems only once, ever, so please make sure to plan your request carefully. Since the Get Genuine products are part of the Windows Desktop Operating Systems title group, a request for this product will count against your two-year cycle allotment of 50 licenses in the Windows Desktop Operating Systems title group.

Windows Upgrade Still Available

If your existing PCs already have a qualifying base operating system in place, you can still request the Windows OS Upgrades donations that TechSoup has always offered.  Since you only have one chance to request Get Genuine Windows OS products ever, you should request the standard upgrade products if you have one of the following qualified, base Operating Systems already in place on your machine:

·       Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista

·       XP Professional version of Windows XP

·       Windows 2000 Professional

·       Windows NT Workstation 4.0

·       Windows 98 (2nd Edition)

·       Apple Macintosh


Still Have Questions? Easily see what you can request from Microsoft: To help you manage your Microsoft donations, TechSoup has created the Microsoft Donation Center (accessible from the Donation Request/History page under My Account), where nonprofits can get all key details in one place. Organizations can easily track what they’ve received so far, what remains of their software allotment, when their cycle resets, and the value of Microsoft software donations to date.


Help Us Donate More: Spread the word!

Many organizations have benefited from software donations from Microsoft, but there are many more still to reach! Help us spread the word to our fellow nonprofits. Check out this great video on the impact of Microsoft software donations and share it with your networks.  You can find more on Facebook and follow via Twitter @mfstcitizenship.

winndow 7 o/s required

posted  by Anonymous -  Wed, 02/12/2009 - 11:26   window 7 o/s required.pl link

win 7 experience

posted  by Anonymous -  Fri, 13/11/2009 - 16:30  

we upgraded our netbook running win xp to windows 7. a very smooth installation process finished and the performance of win 7 is really good. the netbook has only one GB RAM but still win 7 doesnt seem heavy and runs smoothly.

we will bring you more news about win 7 soon!!

Windows Vista: An FAQ for Nonprofits

posted  Thu, 22/03/2007 - 20:21  

What to know if you're thinking about an upgrade to Microsoft's new OS

VistafaqWindows Vista, Microsoft's first new major operating system (OS) since the launch of the Windows XP line in 2001 was launched in early 2007. Vista's launch has already generated some questions about upgrading, new features, tech support, and indeed whether now is a good time to migrate your computers to this new OS.
To help you make an informed decision about Vista, we've answered a handful of questions that we think nonprofits will be most concerned with. You may even want to use our answers to assess the potential pros and cons of upgrading to Vista at your nonprofit.

What are the different versions of Vista?

Windows Vista comes in six versions, each of which has a different combination of features. As you might expect, the more expensive versions of the OS offer a proportionally larger number of features.

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