Microsoft "Upgrade" licenses ?

Hi, I notice most of the licenses offered are 'upgrade' licenses, i.e. you need an existing license of an older Windows OS version before you can upgrade. Are there any full license options offered for a PC without an existing OS? Thanks in advance :)

Youth role in peresent secnario

Mon, 02/11/2009 - 08:41 - Anonymous Youth had got good potential if we invest today . 70 % youth specially in rural area dont know about computer and how to use them. we at Hope Line came forward to work for youth trained them make aware about the basic of computer and make them self enterpreneiuar so that they can work . At present our organisation is ranning in three State Jharkhand Arunachal Pardesh & Delhi. so join with us and be a part of our society.

ordering windows 7

Fri, 30/10/2009 - 21:43 - Anonymous we too have ordered the much acclaimed Windows 7 donations. We have received the licenses and are now downloading the installation file. We will keep updating this blog. Good weekend ahead!

Windows Server Standard Edition

Windows Server Essentials.png
SKU: LVS-47872
Admin Fee: ₹1 156.00
Donor PartnerMediaLanguagePlatformTitle Group

Office Standard

SKU: LS-48335
Admin Fee: ₹4 009.00
Donor PartnerSolutionLanguageCategoryTitle GroupMicrosoft Product CategoryMediaPlatform

SharePoint Server User CAL – Standard

SKU: LS-40937
Admin Fee: ₹1 233.00
Donor PartnerLanguageMediaMicrosoft Product CategoryPlatform

SharePoint Server Device CAL – Standard

SKU: LS-40936
Admin Fee: ₹1 002.00
Donor PartnerLanguageMediaPlatform

Windows Pro Full Operating System - Get Genuine

SKU: L-48427
Admin Fee: ₹1 156.00


Access 2013.jpg
SKU: LS-40879
Admin Fee: ₹1 388.00
Donor PartnerTitle GroupSolutionLanguageCategoryMicrosoft Product CategoryMediaPlatform

Visual Studio Professional with MSDN

visual studio.png
SKU: LS-41318
Admin Fee: ₹7 015.00
Donor PartnerLanguagePlatformMediaTitle GroupMicrosoft Product Category
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