Data Backup

posted  by Anonymous -  Fri, 25/03/2011 - 12:12   Data backup is essential for Organisations having Servers. MS Data Protection Manager is best suitable for MS Servers. If bigtech can arrange donation of Data Protection Manager, it will be very helpful. Jose S AFPRO
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Indic language tools from Microroft

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Hi All,


Here’s some information on Indic language tools from Microsoft that you may find useful for yourself as well to guide others (thanks to rumi, vikas and shubhro at nasscom foundation).


a)      For info on windows in hindi- check this

b)      For office in hindi go to

This is indic language input tool site there 10 languages available where we can use this language for offline and online application



You can go to and install the desktop version by clicking on the “Install Now” button for the current language. It will automatically open a web page that has detailed instructions about how to use the tool.

For example, on Vista, here is the page that appears with the installation and usage instructions:

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Season of Sharing (and cost savings) begins! Check out Windows Multipoint Server 2010.

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Say an organization has ten computers - that amounts to ten of those huge boxes that we call CPUs. Ten boxes mean that maintenance, software upgrades, etc. has to be done ten times - once on each computer/CPU. The AMC will also be billed for ten computers. Now imagine if just one CPU box is shared between ten users - that although there are ten sets of '1 monitor + 1 keyboard + 1 mouse', there is only one CPU box. Imagine the cost savings and ease of maintenance!

We hereby proudly announce that such a system viz. ‘Windows MultiPoint Server’ has been added to the BiGTech donation catalogue.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a special version of the Windows Server operating system that allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer.

Each user station, typically consisting of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to a station hub, provides an independent Windows desktop environment. The station hubs connect to the single host computer through USB or video cables and use the host computer's processing capabilities.

MultiPoint Server can be useful for organizations or libraries with computer labs, classrooms, or other collaborative environments where using just one computer for several users can save energy, simplify maintenance, and lower expenses. The number of simultaneously connected stations is limited only by the host computer's hardware capacity.

This product donation on BiGTech includes a MultiPoint Server 2010 server license. Each user station that connects to MultiPoint Server must have two types of client access licenses (CALs): a MultiPoint Server CAL and a Windows Server CAL. These two CALs, licensed per device (a user station), are available as a single donation through BiGTech. If the host computer is used as a user station and not just for administration, organizations must acquire both a MultiPoint Server CAL and a Windows Server CAL for it as well.

Individual MultiPoint Server device CALs are also available through BiGTech for users with valid Windows Server CALs. One license of this kind is required per user station.

There are several formats of sharing setups possible. The format that is right for you is determined by your requirements and the host computer’s hardware capacity. Some examples are below:

Fig.1 Three host computers providing 12 user stations.

Fig.2 Three host computers again but different user station setups.

Fig.3 One host computer enabling five user stations.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Volume License Keys

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What your organization needs to know about Office 2010?

posted  by Anonymous -  Sat, 04/09/2010 - 14:34   Click here for more info
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Windows 7 as Donation

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We launched Windows 7 for Indian NGOs on BiGTech concurrently with Microsoft’s globa

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Microsofft Office 2010 launch

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Check out what Microsoft has to say about Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 lets you work how, when, and where you want, letting you get things from a PC, the Web, and even a smartphone.

Microsoft license retrieval issue

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Many NGOs are not able to retrieve the Microsoft licenses from the VLSC site. I think the way or the steps that many of them are following is not correct or may be they don't know how to approach the VLSC site. Here are some guidelines on how to access the licenses.The actual process to access the Microsoft licenses is as mentioned below. Please read the below steps and do accordingly.

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Windows 7 editions

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Are u still confused about which edition of Windows 7 to use?

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winndow 7 o/s required

posted  by Anonymous -  Wed, 02/12/2009 - 11:26   window 7 o/s link
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