Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 13 Now Available

By: techsoup
Wed, 06/05/2015 - 10:05

tags:  Adobe

BigTech is proud to announce the newest version of Adobe's Elements bundle, containing both Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13.

Both programs are lighter editions of Photoshop, Adobe's popular photo-editing application, and Premiere Pro, its robust video-editing application.

Is It Right for My Organization?    

The Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements bundle is ideal for organizations that want to quickly enhance photos and create movies to communicate their stories and their mission. Adobe designed this bundle for users who are just getting started with photo and video editing and want a simple way to edit and share photos and videos on their computers or mobile devices.

What Can I Do with the Elements Bundle?

The bundle includes a searchable organizer for photos and videos; red-eye removal; adjustable colors, lighting, contrast, shadowing, and highlights; the ability to fix problems with shaky footage, color and lighting, and audio errors; social media integration; compatibility with DVD and Blu-ray discs; and more.

A full list of features is available from Adobe.

What's New in Version 13?

The latest version includes:

·         Photomerge Compose: You can pull something out of one photo, place it in another, and blend the color and lighting for a realistic-looking scene.

·         Composition crops: When you crop a photo, Photoshop Elements will suggest four different options for a more seamless composition.

·         Video Story: You can pick the type of story to tell, grab clips for each chapter, and Premiere Elements will trim the video, transition between the clips, and pick the music, all based on the mood you chose.

·         Guided Edits: This feature allows you to add motion inside your movie titles and punch up the drama with effects or blurs that draw eyes to one part of your scene.

What's Different?

The Elements applications are simpler alternatives to Photoshop and Premiere Pro that share many of the features of the larger products. Photoshop Elements does not include certain advanced Photoshop features such as the Channel Mixer, Color Balance, scripting, or CMYK coloring. Premiere Elements offers fewer templates, transitions, and effects than Premiere Pro.