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Admin Fee: ₹3 000.00
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There is NO requirement for any kind of Special equipment’s; one can join the conference from either a Land Line or a Mobile connection. Click http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=McP2q2WG-yw to watch more in Eagle Conferencing.



Eagle Conferencing provides instant access to an audio conference call whenever you need it, without making a reservation or involving an Operator. Your dedicated conference room is open 24/7, so you can conference at any time and however long you desire. Holding a conference is as simple as dialing a permanent number and entering your pin number.

Key features of the Eagle Conferencing donation package include:

25 Users per Call – Rs 3000

Once the Organization signs up for this plan we will provide them a Dialing Number based upon their choice Mumbai Or a Bangalore Dial-In Number. Along with the Dial-In Number, we will provide 2 passcodes one for the Moderator who will host the conference and second for the Participants who wish to join the conference.

Details: -

There are 2 costs reflecting here:

  • The Users joining the conference within Karnataka/Maharashtra will be charged local charges and Users out of Karnataka/Maharashtra i.e., Pan India will be charged STD which will be 60 to 70 paisa per minute depending upon their plan from their service provider (Tata and Aircel provide 1 paisa per second pan India).  
  • The company will only pay Admin Fee of Rs 3000 onetime charge.

Note: Moderator needs to initiate all the conferences by joining the conference with the moderator Code.

You will have the following options during your conference call:


*4 Volume Gain: This feature allows the moderator to raise and lower the volume of your conference call.

*5 Lecture Mode: Participants will only be listening to a lecture by the moderator(s). Participants will be muted. You may toggle back and forth.

*6 Participants Self-Mute: This feature allows conferees to mute their lines only. Toggle on/off.

*7 Security Mode: For confidentiality and privacy of the conference. Once you lock the bridge no one can get in. For example, if someone gets disconnected accidentally they cannot get into the call. This feature allows you to toggle on/off.

*8 Attendee Count: At any time, the conference moderator can tell how many callers are on the call.

For conferee:

*6 Mute/Unmute toggle.

Please note the Eagle Conferencing donation eligibility of only order per organization in each year.

You will be provided with a dial-in telephone Number which is like any other number and 2 passcodes, one is a moderator passcode and the other is participant passcode. 

One has the option of either taking the Mumbai conference Number or Bangalore Conference Number.