How to make a one-minute video - Techsoup Digital Storytelling Contest 2012

By: BigTech
Mon, 13/02/2012 - 20:20

We announced the Techsoup Digital Storytelling contest (TSDigs 2012) in our last newsletter and several of you have responded back with interest in creating a one-minute video of your NGO activities. We are happy to support you and so here is a recap of the several popular webinars created by Techsoup that will definitely spice up your video. 

The first part of this three-part webinar series will focus on all the decisions you need to make before you start recording your video. Watch this webinar to learn how to tell your story in a way that touches your audience and moves it to action. This includes understanding the basics of good storytelling, translating that story into a script and/or production guide as well as where to find great auxiliary tools and resources to really make your story shine.

The objective of this webinar is to get you comfortable behind a camera with your director's hat on.

According to Guest expert Aaron Bramley,co-founder and director of communication/education, Lights. Camera. Help. there are three versions of a digital story: what you plan, what you capture, and what you edit and produce. The version of the story you edit and produce is most important version. The type of equipment you have available and choose to use affects each of these three story versions.

Editing and post-production does not have to be expensive and, in fact, many digital storytellers already have access to the tools they need. Many storytellers begin the video post-production process on their computers. Watch the video to learn all this and get going on your video now! 

Once you are ready with the video, this is where you submit

While submitting your entry, in the question How did you hear about TSDigs? do mention "bigtech". this way we can followup with techsoup and offer you further support beyond the contest.