The Oscars don't ask you but Social Innovation Awards does!

By: BigTech
Wed, 17/03/2010 - 09:28

How many times have you wondered why a movie or actor won the  academy award and how you would have voted in a different way? Well the academy doesn't ask you but the  Social Innovation Awards gives you a chance to vote. 

Our partner Techsoup is one of the submissions to the contest and thanks to them, NASSCOM Foundation has donated over 4000 software products to Indian NGOs amounting to over 5.3 crore rupees via its program. Thats how much Indian NGOs have saved and hence are able to spend that money on the actual developmental activity. 

We at NF have voted and so have my friends on Facebook, etc. I request 5 minutes of your time to make a difference - goto

ashowapplication?ideaid=MjQ1&catgid=Mjk= ; make sure the profile is of Techsoup Global ( you will find it in the Philanthropy category ) and cast your vote in its favour. Needs a one minute registration process. Let me know that you have voted and collect your participation gift from me :)

Pass on the message to other family and friends that I might have missed. This would be the easiest volunteering you have ever done for India's development. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Gudi Padvaa!!