How to install & upgrade QuickHeal on computers that are not connected to Internet?

By: BigTech
Sat, 20/02/2010 - 16:20

One of our NGOs, VNC India, asked us - 

"Thanks for you guidance, i have successfully installed and  activated quickheal on the PC with no Internet. ( I took my PC to place where i can connect to internet) Virus database is updated at present till today.I would like to know if in future how shall i be able to update without connection to internet? "

This seemed like a genuine problem for the BiGTech NGO community and we knocked on the doors of Quick Heal Technical support. Within few minutes we had their reply which is posted below.  

Dear Prashant
Yes it is possible to download the Latest Virus definition updates from Quick heal website. Please follow below steps:


Go to :

Go to Download tab which is on the top side of the web page.

Click on updates.

New page will beget displayed....

click on the Windows

Then you find out:
Definition updates for Quick Heal 2009 Series (Version. 10.00)

Select the version of Quickheal you have eg:Quick Heal Lite 

Click on download : It will ask you to put the QH serial no:

Put serial no: click on submit.

Zip file will be get download.
Bring that zip file to machine where You need to update the quick heal.

extract the zip file in a folder.

1. Open Quick Heal.
2. Click on update.
3. Click on next ,Click on pick from specified location.

will ask you to browse. 

give path of the folder where we extract the zip file.

In that folder give path of file INDEX.DAT

Click on next it will update the Quick Heal.
============================================== "