Important Updates to the Symantec Donation Program at BigTech

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Urgent update to all current Symantec users (April 28, 2020): We were recently notified that current Symantec enterprise customers have received the email below from Broadcom. To ensure continued service, it is our understanding that users will need to switch over to a Broadcom account before May 1, 2020. 

"Dear Valued Symantec Customer,

As you know, in early November 2019, Broadcom Inc. and its affiliates acquired the Symantec Enterprise Security Business (Press Release). As a result of the acquisition, Symantec is upgrading the web authentication mechanism (Identity Provider) and all Symantec accounts will be migrated to Broadcom's Identity Provider. Your Symantec account will stop working from May 1, 2020.

You must activate your Broadcom account to complete this migration and update your profile information before you continue accessing the product portal.

To activate your Broadcom account, click here.

Account activation requires you to reset your password and setup multi-factor authentication. Once you activate your account, you can logon to to access the product portal.

After you complete account activation, please update your profile information here. Updating the profile is a required step for you to be able to continue accessing the products. Please provide complete and accurate information in your registration profile. Failure to do so could result in delayed and/or rejected account requests.

If you experience issues with login, activation, or password reset, please use:

If the problem persists, please contact support."

Our Partner TechSoup has reached out to Broadcom. We are currently gathering information and will update you as we learn more. 

Editor's note: This post was originally published on November 19. In addition to the message above, the content has since been updated.

On August 8, 2019, the San Jose–based company Broadcom announced it would acquire all Symantec enterprise assets. These assets include the following products that have been available through the Symantec Donation Program at TechSoup:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
  • Symantec Mail Security 7.5 for Microsoft Exchange


The acquisition was finalized on November 4, 2019. We were required to take the products out of stock until a new contract was negotiated with Broadcom. Although we have completed a new contract, there are challenges that impact all Symantec distribution partners as Broadcom creates new order and fulfillment mechanisms for enterprise products. At the moment, we do not know the date when these products will once again be available as donations to TechSoup members. We will continue to update you with details as we learn more.

We did already reaffirm our contract with NortonLifeLock, which is now a separate entity from Symantec. These consumer-level security products* remain available in our catalog and are still available as donations:

  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Norton Small Business**

*Organizations may request one Symantec Norton security product, either Norton Small Business or Norton Security, per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

**Norton Small Business is available through TechSoup only in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Since 2007, NASSCOM Foundation has provided critical technology resources to nonprofits through our online donation programs. This marketplace depends on the generous offers that are made available to the sector by the world's leading tech companies. Changes that occur within those companies can therefore have an effect on what's available through BigTech's marketplace.

If you currently use a Symantec enterprise product, it is our understanding that your annual subscription will remain active. If your Symantec enterprise subscription will expire in the next 30 to 90 days, we advise you to consider these options to determine the best alternative for your organization.

  1. Develop a near-term plan to ensure that your organization's technology infrastructure continues to be safe and secure. The acquisition has impacted all Symantec partners, but you can check if there is a retail option available for purchasing the enterprise subscription you need. Do ask if there is a nonprofit discount available — if there is not a specific discount, there may be one available through an academic pricing program.
  2. Explore our Bitdefender Donation Program, which includes Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security, an enterprise IT solution.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is currently the best option for organizations in need of 20 to 50 licenses of a security solution via BigTech.

  1. Look into a NortonLifeLock solution that may accommodate your organization's security needs.


NASSCOM Foundation strives to provide our community members with all the security solutions that they need. We actively seek to add other security-related products and services to our list of offers. We will update this post as soon as we receive any new information about the Symantec Donation Program, as well as any other alternatives that may become available.


Important Changes to the Microsoft Software Donation Program on BigTech as of April 1, 2018

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The following changes to this program will come into effect as of April 1, 2018. Please review these changes so that you can incorporate them into your technology planning. These changes allow Microsoft and NASSCOM Foundation to continue to provide nonprofits with the technology they need to achieve their missions.

What Will Change?

o    Certain on-premises software products from Microsoft will no longer be available through NASSCOM Foundation’s BigTech program as donated products. However, these products will soon be available through BigTech as discounted products for eligible nonprofits and libraries.

o    Eligible organizations will no longer be limited to requesting donated products from a maximum of 10 title groups during their two-year cycle. Instead, organizations will be able to simply request up to 50 of each donated product and up to 5 donated server products that don't use core-based licensing per two-year cycle.

What Won’t Change?

o    The most popular on-premises software products from Microsoft will still be available as donated products to eligible nonprofits and libraries.

o    Request limits for donated products will still be reset every two years.

o    All other program rules, eligibility, and restrictions will remained the same.

 For more information, see the Microsoft Software Donation and Discount Program – Eligibility, Allotments, and Returns page.

For questions and feedback, please contact us at 

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FluidSurveys makes surveys faster and simpler

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FluidSurveys, a web-based application for creating online surveys and collecting and analyzing survey data, is now available on the BigTech donations program for eligible non-profits, charities, and public libraries throughout India.

FluidSurveys is the leading provider of online survey, form & questionnaire software. With powerful yet easy to use data collection & analysis tools, 
FluidSurveys makes building, distributing and analyzing surveys easy, accessible and affordable. You can use FluidSurveys to quickly gather and analyze informal data through online surveys, forms, or polls.

In addition to all the standard online survey features, a few additional features of FluidSurveys include:
o   Drag and drop interface for creating surveys
o   Embed surveys and polls in a website or blog
o   Embed pictures and videos in your surveys
o   Customize the look and feel of your survey - including an option to use the template of a website you specify so that the look is consistent
o   Export your survey results to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and advanced analytics software such as SPSS
With a one-year subscription to FluidSurveys Pro your organization can create an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions in each and to collect an unlimited number of responses per Survey.

Other notable features of FluidSurveys Pro include:

o   Create surveys with a keystroke: The drag-and-drop interface lets you create and modify surveys and see a real-time preview of how it will actually appear. Your survey questions can be rearranged, copied and pasted, and moved from page to page or from one survey to another.

o   Build and edit polls: You and your team can create single-question polls and embed them on any website or blog. And, poll participants can see real-time poll results as animated graphics (or, not, if you prefer ' it's customizable!)

o   Give your survey the look you want: Your survey's color, font, and spacing can be customized as a whole or on a page-by-page basis. You can also upload logos, images, videos, or other rich media into a survey.

o   Choose from a variety of question types: Include everything from multiple choice and yes/no, to rankings, questions that allow a text response, and more.

o   Branching and skipping: You can direct survey participants to a specific question or page in your survey based on their responses to a previous question.

o   Straightforward results: You can view your survey results online in real time in table or graph form. Analysis tools allow you to filter results and create cross-tabulations to see how results compare. Both table and graph results can be exported as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Rich Text Format files, and Adobe PDF documents.

o   Multilanguage surveys: Survey creators can give participants the choice to fill out a survey in English, French, or Spanish.

Click here to view product details


Affordable refurbished computers through BigBridge- Stock clearance! (NGOs in India can request before 30th March!)

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We are happy to announce stock clearance from the BiG Bridge computer donation programme!

With an aim to help NGOs with easy access to technology and reduce their IT budgets, BigBridge makes refurbished computers available to NGOs at affordable costs. BigBridge donations of over 6000+ computers have helped hundreds of NGOs across India

NGOs who want use computers in your offices and for your programs this is an excellent opportunity to avail affordable computers with licensed softwares.

We urge you to not miss this opportunity. To avail the donations –write to or call us at 11-64782655-62 (ext 25)

BigBridge’s end-of-life computers are donated by IT-BPO companies. These computers are refurbished with hardware and licensed softwares (operating systems and office), and made available for pickup in major metros in India. For more information visit


Donations of Office 2013 Are Now Available!

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The latest version of Microsoft Office is here! Eligible NGOs, charities, and libraries can now request Office Standard and Professional editions through the Microsoft Software Donation Program at BiGTech Donation Program


Microsoft Office offers a number of new features and benefits over Office 2010, including direct integration with SkyDrive, new graphics options, the ability to open and edit PDFs in Word, and to sync across several devices. This means you can start working on a document on your desktop and then continue where you left off on another computer, laptop, or tablet because Office saves your work in the cloud as you go.

If you have received a donation of Microsoft Office through BiGTech Donations Program that included Software Assurance (and it is still current), you can upgrade to the latest version of Office at no additional cost. 


What’s New in Office?

One of the most interesting new features of Office is its integration with the cloud. Microsoft’s Office Web Apps let your staff and volunteers create, edit, and share documents online. For example, you can add comments to a Word document, and colleagues can respond to them directly within the document or via email or Skype. Plus: You can start working on a document on your desktop, then continue right where you left off on a different computer or tablet.


   One addition to Word that you’ll notice right away is its treatment of   PDFs. For the first time, you can open a PDF in Word, and its paragraphs, lists, tables, and other content will act just like Word content. 

Word includes new templates and design tools, plus it automatically remembers your location in the document as you work. This means you can close a document and come back to it later, continuing your work at the same spot, even on a different computer. And Word now includes the ability to reply to comments within a comment


  The latest version of Excel helps you explore    your organization’s data in a more intuitive and visual way. Excel recommends charts and graphs for you based on the data you’re trying to display, and it allows you to display selected workbooks collaboratively via Lync. Plus: Excel learns and recognizes your patterns and auto-completes your remaining data without macros.


    As you build your slideshows, PowerPoint  suggests variations on   your color scheme and  template while you are working and    includes new tools to help develop and align text, graphics, and imagery. This updated presentation tool also includes an improved Presenter View and a PowerPoint web app that allows coauthoring of presentations by several people inside and outside of your organization.


   Your OneNote notebooks are now built to move with you, thanks to the new cloud integration. The notes you take on your desktop or laptop will be accessible from any other computer, as well as your tablet and smartphone. You can use OneNote Mobile apps on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones. And if you are using a browser, just open the OneNote Web App. 

OneNote now also allows integration of pictures, video, and Excel spreadsheets into your notes. Plus: include links, webpages, maps, and sketches into your note taking as well.



   Outlook features new and improved ways to handle your email accounts, coordinate staff and volunteer schedules, manage your    social networks, and keep yourself organized through to-do lists. The new version of Outlook also includes “Peeks” — which let you take a quick glance at your schedule — as well as a calendar sharing function so others can see when you’re available.

Another neat new addition to Outlook is the weather bar, which lets you view the forecast right within Outlook, helping you plan your day and any upcoming travel.




Office is Optimized for Windows 8

    Eligible organizations can also request  donated upgrades of Windows 8 Professional and Windows 8 Enterprise. With a new mobile-friendly design that features sleek tiles in the place of conventional icons, Windows 8 is a complete rethinking of the Windows environment. It keeps some aspects of what we are all used to from Windows 7. But it drops the “Start” button in favor of a new app-integrated look and makes it easier to sync with cloud-based services. 

Learn more about Windows 8. 

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What we did for the 'Joy of Giving' week? giving back.. IT style!

posted  by Anonymous -  Mon, 08/10/2012 - 16:03   Father Adolf - encouraging volunteering as a must-do activity and not as an extra thing.

One thing we maintain at NASSCOM Foundation is that ‘giving back’ is most effective when it is the core competency of the volunteer that she provides to the beneficiary. So when we sat to design an event for the ‘Joy of Giving’ week, we concluded with the idea of ‘Find an IT Partner’ Event for NGOs wherein NGOs across Mumbai could team up with with IT volunteers. Our host and partner for this event held on 3rd Oct. 2012 was Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), Mumbai. This enabled the opportunity for IT students of DBIT to hone their professional skills in a live environment and to imbibe in them a culture of volunteering for social good. Prior to the event, about 20 NGOs had registered with us along with details of their IT needs which varied from being as simple as troubleshooting the website to as complex as creating an management information system for organizations spread across India.

After a brief introduction and welcome note, each NGO presented their project(s). FPAI, Sujaya Foundation, Salaam Baalak and Maharashtra Dyslexia Association were among the total 12 NGOs that were present.

Ms. Kate Currawala of Maharashtra Dyslexia Association wants a user-friendly website and ecommerce site for their publications. Ms. Zarine Gupta of Salaam Baalak Trust Mumbai Sujaya Foundation speaks about their program and need for online secured data transfer and multi-branch networking

The students zealously listened and then formed groups based on their interests to service the different projects. The student groups are to be mentored by the Comp Sci./IT faculty of DBIT with project timelines ranging from three to six months.

Yashbeer and group takes on the FPAI MIS projectProf. Imran & Deven Shah, Iris Business, taking stock of NGO projects and the students interest in themRahul, student of DBIT, forming a group for open source module customization for FPAI

By the end of the event, seven NGOs benefited from the event and in total eight projects found teams. DBIT student organizing team did a fantastic job of the logistics, etc. so that we could truly focus on the NGOs. A hearty thanks to them (Sydney, Elma, etc.)

As this was a pilot event for us, we hadn’t called in many IT corporates but had conveyed the idea to a few. Mr. Deven Shah from Iris Business was present for the entire time and will be contributing to two of the NGOs. Other corporates such as Cognizant, Mphasis, Mastek, etc. too have shown interest. So don’t be surprised if you see us organizing another one sooner than the next Joy of Giving week.

Next step for us is to work with the NGOs, DBIT faculty and students to scope the projects and plan towards deployment. Watch this space to know more about each project experience and results. Picture abhi baki hain!

12 NGOs brought their IT projects to the 30+ students of DBIT

More Pics

Some immediate feedback we got -

"Anyone with experience in the voluntary sector know that one of our biggest limitations is that our administrative systems don't always keep pace with our field activities. ..NASSCOM Foundation's 'Find an IT Partner for your NGO' Event yesterday hit the sweetspot exactly. .. Thank you for bringing us a JGW event that will continue to spread benefit and goodwill for way beyond this week, " says Kate Currawalla from Maharashtra Dyslexia Association.

Fresh from the ConnectIT workshop held from 26-28 Sep, Ms. Zarine Gupta Trustee, Salaam Baalak Trust said "Let me take this opportunity to thank Prashant Pandit who showed great leadership qualities in coordinating and networking with all partners and the NASSCOM Team for taking valuable time of their busy schedule and imparting the IT skills training for NGO's. It was a great learning opportunity for us and hope to put all that we have learnt into practice at Salaam Baalak Trust, Mumbai. This is a great achievement for all of us and I am sure a great CSR activity for NASSCOM ".

A hearty thanks to all who participated in the event either by bringing their projects or by volunteering to work on those projects.

We hope this small event shall scale up to the point where each IT professionals shall work hand in hand with the developmental sector of the country.



Just In: Donated Licenses of Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits!

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Increase productivity, reduce costs, and simplify your NGO’s IT management with Microsoft Office 365. Available through Microsoft to qualifying organizations, Office 365 provides you and your staff with web-based access to Office applications and your documents from anywhere. Visit Microsoft Website for details Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits

GDPR Takes Effect in May 2018 — Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

Tue, 24/04/2018 - 11:05 - Anonymous

A new data privacy law may affect your nonprofit: what to do about it

What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is Europe's new privacy law.

It raises the bar for the protection of personal data, which is any data that can be linked to an individual.

What does this mean to the average person or organization in simple terms? The GDPR imposes new rules on companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations. It imposes those rules, regardless of location, on organizations that offer goods and services to people in the European Union (EU) or that collect and analyze data tied to EU residents.

The average person will have more explicit rights under GDPR to know who stores, processes, and has access to their personal data. Under GDPR, EU residents can request access to, rectification of, and deletion of their data.

Organizations need to review their data governance practices, get rid of legacy systems that store unnecessary data, and delete data not collected as prescribed under the new GDPR rules. They also need to document appropriate technical and organizational measures and work only with reliable vendors or face high financial and reputational risks.

How will GDPR impact my organization based in the U.S.? Many organizations in the U.S. do not operate or have business in the EU or process information of individuals in the EU. For them, the GDPR will not have an immediate impact. However, many other countries around the world are looking at the GDPR to be a basis for their own privacy laws and regulations. Microsoft believes compliance with the GDPR standard can be a best practice in data management of personal information.

Why did the EU put GDPR into place? In Europe, privacy is a fundamental right, and the EU is dedicated to protecting it. The EU's operational philosophy is built on the concept that personal data belongs to the individual. This is different than how the United States operates, where information collected on an individual is seen as the property of the organization that collects it.

Data breaches have become part of our everyday life. And Europe wants to lead the way internationally to require companies to be more principled and transparent around data use and invest in security and data protection. Any company or agency collecting or utilizing personal information may do so only if they have a lawful basis to process the information.

Will other countries follow the EU and put similar regulations in place? The GDPR applies to anyone who provides goods or services to residents in Europe. Other countries are considering similar laws with some variations, as some countries consider GDPR overly prescriptive.

Who will monitor GDPR compliance? The Data Protection Authorities in the member states, as well as the European Data Protection Board, will monitor GDPR compliance.

When does GDPR take effect? It takes effect May 25, 2018. It has been made clear that there will be no enforcement grace period, as companies received two years' notice to prepare for the new regulations.

What are the main requirements of GDPR? The GDPR requires enhanced security, data protection, appropriate technical and organizational measures, transparency, record keeping, accountability, and supporting data subject requests. It also requires a 72-hour personal data breach notification by data controllers to the authorities. Responsibility for data protection will be shared within organizations and with vendors, establishing a shared responsibility model.

Organizations must know what and how personal information is collected and processed in their internal systems. Conforming to this rule will require executive awareness of how information collection and processing takes place and cannot be considered an IT or legal issue alone. Internal awareness and training will be key.

How do I know if GDPR applies to my organization? What are risks to my organization if it doesn't comply? GDPR applies to any organization that operates within the borders of the European Union or processes the personal data of any person in the European Union. Failure to comply will expose the organization to legal and financial penalties from privacy regulators in the EU plus legal claims from individuals.

Can Microsoft help us meet the requirements of GDPR? The final responsibility for GDPR compliance lies with the organization. It's up to nonprofits to determine what data will be collected, how it will be used, and who the people in the organization are who are responsible. It's also up to nonprofits to figure out how individuals can request their personal information and request rectification and deletion.

However, Microsoft does provide a suite of tools to assist with meeting requirements. Our Azure cloud infrastructure has been designed with GDPR in mind and has the systems in place to assist in GDPR compliance. Our Office 365 E3 and E5 licenses allow for ease of data tagging and automatic identification of sensitive information even if the user does not know it to be. Finally, we have launched a GDPR compliance dashboard that can be used by organizations to monitor their own compliance.

You can also visit the GDPR web page on our new Microsoft Trust Center website to learn more about how the features and functionality of AzureDynamics 365Enterprise Mobility + SecurityOffice 365, and Windows 10 will enable you to meet the GDPR's requirements.

What next steps I should take? Start by reviewing our Nonprofit Guidelines for Cybersecurity and Privacy white paper. From there, decide internally who will be responsible to assure compliance and the steps needed. GDPR compliance will not happen overnight with a final endpoint; it's a continuous journey.

Additional Resources on GDPR for Nonprofits

About the Authors

 As the Microsoft Philanthropies humanitarian response manager, Cameron has the responsibility for coordinating across the company the provision of resources to external agencies providing humanitarian relief during sudden onset humanitarian disasters. As with others on the team, he also has a portfolio of other engagement areas with nonprofits to include awareness on data privacy and cybersecurity issues.






Andrea Simandi was appointed to the role of European data protection attorney for Microsoft in February 2017. As part of Microsoft's European commercial legal team, she supports the company's enterprise customers in complying with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and accelerating their digital transformation. 





This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International License. 

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Important Program Changes as of April 3, 2018

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Important Program Changes as of April 3, 2018

Microsoft has updated the product offerings and rules for participating in this program. This change allows Microsoft and NASSCOM Foundation to continue to provide nonprofits with the technology they need to achieve their missions.

What Has Changed?

·      Certain on-premises software products from Microsoft are no longer available through NASSCOM Foundation as donated products. However, these products will soon be available through NASSCOM Foundation as discounted products for eligible nonprofits and libraries.

·      Eligible organizations are no longer limited to requesting donated products from a maximum of 10 title groups during their two-year cycle. Instead, organizations can simply request up to 50 or 25 of each donated product and up to 5 donated server products that don't use core-based licensing per two-year cycle.

What Hasn't Changed?

·      The most popular on-premises software products from Microsoft are still available as donated products to eligible nonprofits and libraries.

·      Request limits for donated products will still be reset every two years.

·      All other program rules, eligibility, and restrictions have remained the same.

For more information, see the Microsoft Software Donation Program – Eligibility, Allotments, and Returns page.

The Microsoft Software Donation Program at NASSCOM Foundation provides a wide variety of software to nonprofits, charities, and public libraries throughout India.

The program is one of NASSCOM Foundation most popular resources. You can choose from hundreds of professional and enterprise Microsoft products for your organization.

Which Versions of Microsoft Software Are Available?

The names of products in the Microsoft program don't include version numbers. When you receive a product, you can choose to download the current version of the software or the previous version. You can find out which version is the current one on the Current Versions of Microsoft Products page. In addition, you can download the software in any language that's available.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organization's eligibility to participate in this program.

Microsoft provides nonprofits and libraries with a maximum allotment of product donations that can be requested per two-year cycle.

For detailed explanations of the quantity of products you can request, special rules for public libraries, and specific procedures to follow for returns, see the Microsoft Software Donation Program – Eligibility, Allotments, and Returns page.


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Save Money On Your Server Spends, Adopt Amazon Web Services

Mon, 25/09/2017 - 13:33 - Anonymous
aws logo.png

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon - A vast system of pay-as-you-go data centres for all your web and application server needs. Now all eligible NGOs can save on IT Infrastructure costs, move closer to Big Data, equip volunteers, temporary employees with virtual desktops and enjoy complete data redundancy. Know More.


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