In order to participate in the BigTech programme, Indian NGO/CBOs are required to meet both the general eligibility criteria outlined below and those required by the individual donating partners (see the links at the bottom of this page). Even if you do not qualify for one donor partner, you may qualify for donations from other donor partners. We will retain your information and advise you by email if and when you do qualify for such a partner.

Eligible organizations are:

  • A nonprofit or non-governmental organization that holds charitable status in India and operates on a not-for-profit basis with the aim of:
  1. relief to the poor
  2. advancement of education
  3. advancement of social and community welfare
  4. advancement of culture
  5. advancement of the natural environment, or
  6. other purposes beneficial to the community

The organization must provide proof of charitable status by submitting scanned copies of both the following documents:

1. Registration certificate:

a. Society Registration certificate OR

b. Certificate of registration under companies’ act OR

c. Trust Deed

2. 12A & 80G certificate

3. FCRA certificate (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Certificate) [MANDATORY] FOR INTERNATIONAL DONORS ONLY (Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Symantec, BitDefender, Bytes of Learning etc.) 

4. IT PAN of organization

5. Organization website OR Annual report of past 2 years OR Mission statement

6. Last 1 year’s financial report for Tableau, Symantec etc.

View the:

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